Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Connaisseur’s buttermilk pancakes will impress because they truly taste home made. Carefully blended, our pancakes are light, fluffy, creamy in texture and beyond compare.

Regular Waffle Mix

Light & fluffy in texture, low in sugar and highly versatile, Connaisseur’s Regular Waffle Mix can be used for breakfast, dessert or savory waffles.

Multi Grain Waffle Mix

A great alternative to the traditional waffle, our Multi Grain mix is a natural choice. Made with 7 grains and containing whole sunflower and flax seeds, you’ll love the wholesome taste of this mix when topped with maple syrup or warm fruit compote.

Chocolate Waffle Mix 

Great as a dessert and a favourite amongst kids, our chocolate waffles are made with Belgian cocoa for a rich and decadent taste.